Art Deco 14kt Carved Mutton Jade 3-Ring Earrings

SKU: 36253


A beautiful pair of Jade earrings from the late Art Deco (ca1930's) era! These beautiful earrings are made of carved mutton jade and have a lovely design that reflects their Chinese origin. Each earring is comprised of three interlocking jade rings, which are faceted on the outer surface and clasped within a yellow gold loop at the top. The jade has lovely coloring, with a pale, translucent shade typical of the mutton jade variety. These marvelous earrings look stunning when worn and make a beautiful statement. They would make a perfect everyday addition to any collection!

Measurements: Each earring hangs approximately 2 1/8" long. The jade rings have an outer diameter of 3/4” with an inner diameter of 1/2”, and are approximately 1/8" thick.

Condition: The overall condition of the earrings is excellent. Besides normal surface wear, there is no apparent damage to any of the jade rings. The gold earring wires and findings are secure and intact.

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