Art Deco Sterling & Multi Stone Carved Scarab Necklace

SKU: 6572

During the 19th century the discoveries of ancient archaeological finds influenced and brought on what is referred to as “archaeological revival jewelry”. The initial Egyptian Revival period flourished from the 1820's and was inspired by ancient Egyptian imagery such as the scarab beetle.

A beautiful and unusual scarab beetle necklace from the Art Deco (ca1920) era! This lovely necklace is made of sterling silver and comprised of 7 ornate multi-stone links which are separated by small sections of fine chain. Each link portrays a single scarab beetle which is uniquely different but complimentary. The scarabs graduate slightly in size, with the largest at the center, and each is represented by a different type of stone and has a carved scarab surface. From right to left, the scarabs are represented by citrine, rock quartz crystal, lapis, carnelian, amethyst, chrysoprase and lastly what appears to be unglazed Egyptian faience, which is brownish red in color. Each scarab beetle is set within an ornate sterling setting which has an open back to allow you to see the hieroglyphic-like carvings on the underside. The multi-hues of the stones look wonderful next to each other and the necklace rests beautifully along the collar of the neck. The piece closes at the back at a sterling clasp that has a King Tut image on the surface. A wonderful work of art, this multi-link scarab necklace looks marvelous when worn and would make a lovely addition to any collection!

Measurements: The necklace measures 17" long. The links vary in size with the largest measuring approximately 3/4" wide, 1" tall and 3/8" thick and the smallest measuring approximately 1/2" wide, 5/8" tall and 1/4" thick.

Condition: The overall condition of the necklace is excellent. Besides normal surface wear, there is no apparent damage to the sterling silver setting or to the carved multi-stone scarab links, all of which are intact. The clasp is secure and in good working condition.


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