KERR Art Nouveau Sterling Repousse Mirror Pendant

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William B. Kerr Co. was a manufacturer of jewelry, flatware and hollow-ware established in Newark, New Jersey in 1855. Kerr was known for elaborate and unique Art Nouveau pieces, including the American Beauty series as well as many different patterns for children featuring nursery rhymes and images.

Originally probably worn attached to a woman's Chatelaine, this mirrored pendant is a classic example of the William B. Kerr art form. The piece, which is from the Art Nouveau (ca1900) era, depicts a gorgeous repousse silver disk which encases a round mirror. The repousse design is absolutely stunning with the beautiful face of a woman in the center and surrounding flowing stems and flowers. The design is simply gorgeous. A swirled vine branches off from the top of the mirrored pendant, forming the scrolled bail. At the bottom face of the piece are the hand engraved numbers "7/11, 2/3 - '03". The bottom edge of the mirror is marked with the signature Kerr axe hallmark along with "STERLING" and the numbers "1570". The mirror would be great worn as a pendant on a long Victorian silver chain and would make a lovely addition to any Kerr collection.

Measurements: The mirror has an approximate diameter of 1 7/8" and is about 1/2" thick. The sterling bail has an approximate diameter of 3/8".

Condition: The overall condition of the mirrored pendant is excellent. There are no apparent dents or scratches in the silver design. The mirror appears to be original and sits securely in place however it does have a little age to it. 

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