KREMENTZ Art Nouveau 14kt Repousse Lorgnette Diamonds

SKU: 31898


An absolutely fabulous signed Krementz lorgnette from the Art Nouveau (ca1900) period! Made of 14kt yellow gold, the piece depicts a pair of folding reading glasses encased in a breathtaking repousse lorgnette case. Beautifully portraying the fine craftsmanship of Krementz, the front and the back of the lorgnette is wonderfully detailed in soft swirls and scrolls and has a 3-dimensional appearance. The front is decorated with a lovely face of a woman that has flowing locks of hair, a detailed face and a garden of flowers surrounding her. The crown of her head has 3 old Rose Cut diamonds set within the gold, and 2 additional diamonds are set in the center of 2 different flowers. The back of the lorgnette carries a similar design of a garden of flowers and in the center are the hand engraved initials "KMB". The eye glasses fold in half and are hidden within the gold cover. They easily swing out with a simple push of a button located on the side of the handle. At the end of the gold handle is a fairly large gold ring which is perfect for hanging from a chain or watch swivel hook. On the inside of the lorgnette is the Krementz hallmark and "14KARAT". It's a fabulous and special piece from the Victorian period and would make a wonderful addition to any Krementz collection!

Measurements: When closed, the gold case measures 5" long and approximately 1 1/4" at the widest point. When opened, the space between the lenses measures 1" wide and the length of the eye glasses from end to end is 4".

Condition: The overall condition of the lorgnette is excellent. There is no damage to the gold or to the eye glasses. The eye glasses fold and move easily and stay secure once placed in the gold cover. The spring button mechanism is in excellent working condition.

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