Victorian Micro Mosaic Earring & Pendant Set with Swan Motif

SKU: 0029


An extravagant and delightful Victorian (ca1880) English micro mosaic set with earrings and a large pendant. Each piece is set in 15kt yellow gold and has a beautiful and ornate micro mosaic with a stunning swan motif.

The earrings, which hang from 15kt gold wires, have 2 circles at the base of each wire. On the surface of each circle is beautiful gold Etruscan wire work. Dangling from the circles are 2 single round micro mosaics with a pink flower in each. From this hangs another, larger micro mosaic that is slightly different on each side. Both pictures are of swans in a serene water setting and both have a surrounding turquoise colored mosaic border. Each has an ornate setting with gold Etruscan wire work throughout.

The pendant, which is a very large size is simply magnificent. It depicts two bathing swans also in a picturesque water setting. It is hard to see this in the pictures, but the gold and red wings of each swan have an iridescent surface that catches the light beautifully. On the top of the pendant is a large hook which is to be attached to a watch chain.

Each of the 3 larger micro mosaic pictures are surrounded by an intricate turquoise colored mosaic border which is set deeper that the main picture. The mosaics are extremely detailed and almost look to be a painting rather than a mosaic. A stunning and important looking Victorian set!

Measurements: Each earring measures approximately 7/8" at the widest point and 2 1/8" long from the wire to the bottom of the earring. The diameter of the single flower micro mosaic is 1/4" and the connecting Etruscan piece between the 2 earring mosaics measure 1/4" long. The individual bird micro mosaic is 1 1/4" long and 7/8" wide. The pendant is slightly less than 2 1/4" at the longest point and 1 7/16" at its widest point. The pendant, without the watch hook, measures approximately 1 3/4" long.

Condition: The overall condition of the earrings and pendant is excellent. The mosaics are missing a few very minor chips which is not uncommon for a Victorian micro mosaic piece but there is no apparent dammage to the gold, the watch chain hook or to the wires.

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