Georgian 18kt Porcelain Gage D'amour "Token of Love"

SKU: 34957


A stunning and unusual Porcelain fob/pendant from the Georgian (ca1900) era! This wonderful piece, which is made of porcelain and 18kt yellow gold, has a rounded triangular shape with an ornately painted surface. The painted detail is simply wonderful with pink 'stitching', pink and green flowers and a multicolored feathered top. At the top of the piece, on the front and back, are the words “GAGE DAMOUR”, which translates to “Token of Love”.  The 'token' hangs from an 18kt yellow gold bail which would be perfect for hanging from a simple gold chain. Chelsea porcelain fobs are very fragile and have become hard to find because of their delicate nature. This one is particularly stunning and would make a lovely addition to any collection!

Measurements: The charm/fob hangs 1 1/8" long, is 3/8" wide and 1/4" thick.

Condition: The overall condition of the fob is excellent. Besides normal surface wear, there is no serious damage to the porcelain fob or to the painted design.

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