Victorian Gold Filled & Painted Porcelain Etruscan Style Locket

SKU: 33686


A beautiful and unusual portrait locket from the Victorian (ca1880) era! The gold filled piece, which has a shield-like shape, is decorated with a gorgeous Etruscan style wirework and beadwork design. Resting in the center atop a raised platform is a long, rectangular hand painted porcelain plaque. The image is richly detailed and depicts the portrait of a young child, whose blond hair and rosy cheeks give an innocent appearance. The child stands on a grassy meadow in front of a black background, and holds a basket of flowers in one arm. The back of the piece has an oval shaped door, which opens to reveal a hollow compartment inside to store a favorite photograph or lock of hair. At the top of the piece is a gold filled loop and textured jump ring, allowing the locket to be easily hung and worn on a chain. This outstanding Etruscan piece has a wonderful Victorian look and would make a very special addition to any jewelry collection!

Measurements: The locket hangs 1 7/8" long, measures 1 1/4" at the widest point and has a depth of 1/2" at the thickest point.

Condition: The overall condition of the locket is excellent. Besides normal surface wear, there is no apparent damage to the gold filled setting or porcelain portrait. The locket on the back closes easily and securely and the bail is in good working condition.

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