Late Victorian Gold Coin Pearl & Enamel Coin Pendant

A fabulous commemorative coin pendant from the late Victorian (ca1902) era! This wonderful and unusual piece is round in shape and made of vibrant yellow gold. Displayed in the center of the pendant are the profile images of King Edward VII and Queen Alexandra, which signified their coronation. The coin has been set within a circular gold frame decorated with bright green enameling and accented with lustrous natural pearls at all four corners. The reverse side of the pendant is inscribed: "SOUVENIR OF THE CORONATION OF KING EDWARD VII AND QUEEN ALEXANDRA JUNE 1902". Surrounding the center coin are the engraved Latin words: "L'HOMME PROPOSE ET DIEU DISPOSE AUG 9 1902" which translates to "Man proposes and God disposes Aug 9 1902".  The pendant hangs from a simple gold bail, making it easy to hang and wear from a simple gold chain. It is unique historical piece that would make any collection complete!

Measurements: The pendant hangs 1 1/4" long, has a diameter of 7/8” and a depth of 1/8”.

Condition: The overall condition of the pendant is excellent. Besides normal surface wear, there is no apparent damage to the gold setting or enamel, and all four pearls are intact.


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