Victorian Large Graduated Whitby Jet Beads

SKU: 27202


Whitby jet is a black fossilized wood (other theories believe it to be a form of coal or sap similar to amber) found on the Yorkshire coast of England. Matte black in color, it has a beautiful soft texture. When her beloved Albert died, Queen Victoria bought and wore masses of jet. As a result, the jet trade received much publicity and entered a booming period that moved far beyond simple mourning.

This is a fabulous Victorian (ca 1880) strand of Whitby jet beads! Rounded and disc-like in shape, this stunning necklace is made up of 102 graduated hand cut and polished beads. Strung by hand, and knotted in between each bead, this necklace makes a true statement when worn!

Measurements: The largest bead, which is in the center, measures 25mm in diameter and the smallest measures 6mm. The length of the necklace measures 29" long.

Condition: The overall condition of this necklace is excellent. There is no apparent damage or chips to the Jet and the stringing looks to be original.

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