Victorian 14t Pave Pearl & Faux Ruby 4 Leaf Clover Pin

SKU: 15290


Four leaf clovers are a unique type of clover variety in comparison to the commonly found three leaf species. Traditionally, they are believed to bring good luck to whomever finds them, particularly when they are found by chance. Each of the four leaves bears its own special meaning, representing faith, hope, love, and luck. Throughout the ages, the image of the four leaf clover has become a recurring motif in jewelry, dating back to as early as the Victorian era. Today, they are still collected as popular charms that serve as symbols for good luck. 

A gorgeous four leaf clover pin from the Victorian (ca1880) era! Made of 14kt yellow gold, the pin has a wonderful pave (French for "pavement") natural seed pearl surface. The delicate pearls have a beautiful luster and soft, iridescent color and in the center is a single faux ruby stone held within a prong setting. On the back of the piece is a secure pin clasp and the stamp "14K" beside a small hallmark. This delicate and charming pin has a lovely three dimensional look, and would make a marvelous addition to any collection.

Measurements: The clover measures a little less than 1” wide, 7/8" tall, and has a depth of 1/4”.

Condition: The overall condition of the pin is excellent. Besides normal surface wear, there is no apparent damage to the gold setting and the pearls and faux ruby center are intact. The pin clasp is secure and in good working condition.

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