Victorian 15kt Gold, Diamond & Black Tracery Memorial Bracelet

SKU: 30479

A fabulous and unusual Memorial bracelet from the early Victorian period (ca1850)! This one-of-a-kind bracelet is comprised of 9 gold links and a single larger center link that has 3 sections. The bracelet is made of 15kt yellow gold and each link is detailed with an intricate etched design and inlaid with a rich black tracery design. The links are square shaped and graduate slightly in size. The back 9 links match in design with a black enameled star in the center of a square border and an etched motif throughout. The large, center piece looks like 3 separate links but is actually connected and each square adorns different initials. The center square has the initials "AV" and the two side squares have the initials "MTV" and "KLV". The largest, center square also has 4 old Mine Cut diamonds set in each corner. On the back of the 3 center squares are 3 separate glass covered mourning hair lockets. Six of the smaller links are also detailed on the inside with the hand engraved initials and dates of the 3 individuals on the front. One side has the dates that the 3 individuals were born and the other side has the dates of when they died. The bracelet it is not clasped; instead it stretches and expands in size to slide over your wrist. When stretched, separate links are exposed from within the box-like outer links that are also detailed with a black enamel surface. This wonderfully elaborate and unusual piece is absolutely stunning and would make a great addition to any collection!

MeasurementsWhen the bracelet is not expanded, the interior opening measures approximately 2 1/4" wide and 2" tall. It expands to approximately 2 1/2" wide and 2 1/4" long. The squares graduate in size from a little less than 1" wide and tall and 1/4" thick being the largest and 3/8" wide and tall and a little less than 1/4" thick being the smallest.

Condition: The overall condition of the bracelet is excellent. Besides normal surface wear, there is no apparent damage to the gold links and all of the diamonds are intact. There is a small amount of damage to the black enameling which isn't noticeable when the bracelet is worn. The expanding mechanism of the bracelet is secure and in good working condition.


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