Victorian 14kt Gold Carved Glass Ring

SKU: 34747

A stunning and unusual glass ring from the Victorian (ca1880) era! This wonderful intaglio style ring holds a large, oval shaped glass plaque which is set in a 14kt rosy yellow gold setting. Although it is hard to say for sure, we think the carved glass could be what is referred to as Roman glass which would have been carved in the ancient Roman times and then discovered and then incorporated into ring setting in the Victorian era. The ornate carving portrays a man who sits hunched over, facing a large decorative urn while holding a tool or instrument in each hand. The urn has the image of a harpy, a winged creature from Greek mythology that has the head and torso of a woman and on the right side of the glass plaque are two letters from the Greek alphabet: Gamma and Iota. The glass itself has a beautiful deep lemon yellow color and is held within a simple gold bezel. A lovely ring, it would be perfect for the lover of art history or Greek mythology. It's a beautiful piece and would make a perfect addition to any jewelry collection!

Measurements: The glass intaglio measures approximately 3/4" wide and 5/8" tall. The ring has a finger size of a generous size 6.5 but could be re-sized.

Condition: The overall condition of the ring is excellent. Besides normal surface wear, there is no apparent damage to the gold mounting and only minor surface wear to the glass intaglio.


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