The Proposal

Posted on May 13 2015

    “Engagement” the period between a marriage proposal and a marriage during which time a couple is said to be betrothedintendedaffiancedengaged to be married, or simply engaged! As far back as history can take us it’s known that an engagement is the promise to wed. 

     The custom of presenting a loved one with an engagement ring dates back centuries. For example, “Romantic Rings” from the time of the Roman Empire sometimes bore clasped hands symbolizing a “contract”. The Celtic Claddagh symbol (two hands clasping a heart) is believed to have evolved as a symbol of love and commitment between two people. The “ring" or "circle” signifies the bond between those who are to be married, thus signifying eternity. The ring, placed on the fourth finger or ring finger initially by the Romans is noted to be the beginning of the “vena amoris ("vein of love"), the vein leading to the heart.  

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