ELIZABETH LOCKE 18kt & Lava Maltese Cross Pin/Pendant

SKU: 33685


Known for her unusual and quality jewelry design, Elizabeth Locke travels the world to collect antique and ancient coins, intaglios, seals and stones and incorporates them into a modern piece of jewelry. Each of her pieces is individually designed by Locke and handmade.

A fabulous signed lava cameo pin/pendant by Elizabeth Locke! This unique and interesting piece is made of 18kt yellow gold and features a maltese cross design with 5 lava cameos set inside. Each cameo is unique and depicts a face, some which have a look of surprise, and all appear to be inspired by an ancient Greek or Roman man. The vibrant 18kt yellow gold makes a lovely contrast to the cameos, and extending out from each side of the maltese cross is a gold urn.The cameos range in classic lava colors such as beige, light gray, and varying shades of green. The back of the pin/pendant bears a double pin back and clasp and at the top is a clasped gold bail which can be removed. Both allow one to easily transform the piece from a striking pin to a bold pendant. It's a wonderful example of Locke's fantastic work, and would make a marvelous addition to any collection!

Measurements: The pendant hangs 2 5/8" tall, and measures approximately 2 1/8" wide and nearly 1/4" thick.

Condition: The overall condition of the piece is excellent. There is no apparent damage to the gold cross or to the lave cameos, which are all intact. The bail and clasp and the pin backs and pin clasp are fully intact and fasten securely.

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