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Art Deco French Import Sterling "Tire Track" Link Bracelet

SKU: 44634


A bold bracelet from the Art Deco (ca1930s) era! Crafted in sterling silver, this bracelet has an intriguing "tire track" style link design. The outer rows have a square-faceted design while the inner rows are smoothly polished with a step detail. The piece is marked with an encircled "925", "292 PMI", and an owl on top of its hidden push clasp. Two swan hallmarks are found on the underside, denoting its French import. The push clasp features a crosshatched motif and a figure-8 latch adds extra security to the piece. This fabulous bracelet fits seamlessly into modern-day fashion!

Measurements: The bracelet measures approximately 7 3/8" in length and is about 1 1/4" at its widest point.

Condition: The bracelet is overall in excellent condition. Besides normal surface wear, there is no apparent damage to the sterling silver. The push clasp and the figure-8 latch are both secure and in good working condition.

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