Georgian 15kt Gold Memento Mori Skull Stick Pin

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$995 $1,295

A fantastic gold skull stick pin from the Georgian (ca1850) era! This highly collectible pin is an example of Georgian "Momento Mori" jewelry, which is Latin for "Remember that you will die." The Momento Mori jewelry, which was very popular during the Georgian era, was meant to serve as a reminder of human mortality, and skulls were a common motif. The pin is crafted from 15kt gold and portrays a small skull with hollowed out eye sockets. The skull has a hinged jawbone which allows the lower jaw to either hang open or be pushed gently shut. There is etching along the mouth area to create the appearance of small, individual teeth as well as around the temples of the skull, and the nasal bone is slightly raised, adding extra detail to the three-dimensional design.  This is a marvelous historical piece and it would make a wonderful addition to any collection!

Measurements: The stickpin measures a little more than 2" in total length; the gold skull top measures approximately 1/2" tall, 1/2" wide and 3/8" thick.

Condition: The overall condition of the stickpin is excellent. Besides normal surface wear, which is common for jewelry from the Georgian era, there is no serious damage to the gold skull or stick pin.

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