Late Victorian 14kt Fresh Water Pearls & Wedgewood Bracelet

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Wedgwood is a well-known and accomplished manufacturer of quality ceramics. Developed by Josiah Wedgwood, ‘The Father of English Potters’, the company has been around since 1759. In 1765, shortly after starting his company, Wedgwood developed a unique cream-colored earthenware that was so adored by England’s Queen Charlotte that she gave permission for it to be called “Queen’s Ware”. The most famous Wedgwood design, however, was his Jasperware, which was the outcome of thousands recorded experiments. The result was unglazed fine stoneware which could be stained with blue, lilac, green, yellow or black which provided a background for the intricate white portraits. This is the most recognizable Wedgwood design today. Josiah Wedgwood died in 1795, however his legacy continues to live on.

This beautiful bracelet is a classic example of the Wedgwood craftsmanship! The piece, which is probably from the Late Victorian era (ca1900) portrays one of his signature looks. At the center of the piece is a rectangular Wedgewood plaque, which has a black background and is surrounded by a delicate natural pearl and black enamel border. In the center of the piece is a portrait which depicts three cherub angels holding what appears to be bows and arrows. The Wedgewood plaque and surrounding border have a scalloped edge and rest atop an oval shaped setting made of 14kt yellow gold. At either side of the centerpiece are four strands of beautiful white Freshwater pearls, which form the band of the bracelet. The push clasp is hidden within the Wedgewood centerpiece and is stamped "14K" on the back of the gold filigree setting. An infinity safety clasp provides extra security. This gorgeous, collectable piece has a very classic look and would make a lovely addition to any collection!

Measurements: The bracelet measures 7 1/4" long. The Wedgewood clasp measures 1" wide, is 3/4" tall and slightly more than 1/4" thick.

Condition: The overall condition of the bracelet is excellent. Besides normal surface wear, there is no apparent damage to the gold setting, stoneware plaque, or pearls, all of which are intact. The clasp and safety are both secure and in good working condition.

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