ELGIN Victorian 14kt Mixed Metals Horseshoe Pocket Watch 35.2dwt

SKU: 35055


A wonderful Elgin pocket watch from the Victorian (ca1892) era! Made of 14kt rosy yellow gold, the watch has a gorgeous etched surface on both sides with an intricate, swirled texture. The mixed metals design on one side of the watch portrays a lucky horseshoe surrounded by leaves and flowers, all contained inside a decorative scalloped border. The opposing side displays a mixed metals design with a rose gold shield surrounded by a complimentary floral motif. One side of the piece opens from the top to reveal the watch face, which has a white background and black numbers along with the watch maker's name "ELGIN" at the top. The inside of the cover is stamped with the number "13732". The other side of the pocket watch opens to reveal the smooth gold encasement engraved with the inscription "R.M.  C.A.Viti" in flowing cursive script and the date "1892". The inside of the cover is stamped "N.Y.W. C.O.", 'WARRANTED US ASSAY", "14K", and "13732". At the top of the piece is a handle and textured clasp/winder that when pushed is used to open one side of the watch, as well as wind it. The watch is very well made and is still in good working condition! It would make a wonderful timepiece or would look lovely worn on a gold chain. It's a magnificent pocket watch and would make a fantastic addition to any Victorian collection!

Measurements: The pocket watch measures 2 1/4" tall, has a diameter of 1 1/2" and is approximately 1/2" thick. The pennyweight of the entire piece (including the watch inside) is 35.2dwt.

Condition: The overall condition of the watch is excellent. Besides minimal normal surface wear to the gold, there is no apparent damage to the watch, which at this time is still in good working condition. Watches of this era should be cleaned and oiled periodically to keep them in good working order.

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