Victorian Large Gunmetal & Gold Filled Pocket Watch

SKU: 0138


A wonderful pocket watch from the Victorian (ca1880) era! This large piece is made with a gunmetal case and has a small clock in the center of the round encasing. The numbers on the clock face are painted black and the background is a cream color. The watch winds at the top with a rose gold filled stem winder and swing-down pendant bail. Probably originally worn by a man, the piece could now be worn by either a man or woman and would look fabulous as a statement pendant hanging from a long chain. It's a magnificent pocket watch and would make a great addition to any collection!

Measurement: The pocket watch measures 2 5/8" tall, has a diameter of a little less than 2", and is a little more than 1/4" thick.

Condition: The overall condition of the watch is great. There is normal surface wear to the gunmetal case and some discoloration on the back which is not unusual for a gunmetal piece from this era. Watches of this era should be cleaned and oiled periodically and at this time, the watch is in working order but must be wound regularly.

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