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Art Nouveau 14kt Double Sided Boulder Opal Cufflinks

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Boulder opals are the rarest of all natural opal varieties, comprising only 2% of Australia's total opal population. In terms of value, they are considered second only to the popular Black Opal. The name "Boulder Opal" originates from their natural formation, where they are embedded into large ironstone boulders, often retaining part of their ironstone matrix when mined. Their unique appearance includes vibrant flashes of color enhanced by the ironstone matrix, which often appears as a black, brown, or grey base below the iridescent hues. Historically, opals were believed to bring good luck when given as a gift. In the modern day, they continue to be adored worldwide and are one of the most desirable stones used in fine jewelry!

A beautiful pair of boulder opal cufflinks from the Art Nouveau (ca1900s) era! Crafted in 14kt yellow gold, each of these double-sided cufflinks has an oval-shaped face with a stunning boulder opal set in the center. The smoothly polished stones are bezel set, resting in an open back frame and display a spectacular array of iridescent colors that are contained within an iron matrix base. The colorful glowing properties appear as swirls of shimmery color within the surrounding deep brown matrix, creating quite an eye-catching contrast. Connecting each side together is a gold bar link attachment on the back which is stamped "W.REIMAN 14K". A classically stylish pair of cufflinks, they would look fantastic worn by a man or woman!

Measurements: Each oval cufflink face measures 7/16" wide, 9/16" tall and 1/4" in depth. The space between each face measures just under 3/4".

Condition: The overall condition of the cufflinks is excellent. Besides normal surface wear, there is no apparent damage to the gold setting or connecting links. The boulder opal stones are intact and securely set, however, there is small chip along the top edge of one of the oval faces. Due to the unique appearance of boulder opals, the chip is hardly noticeable nor does it detract from the integrity or overall beauty of the set.

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