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WALTHAM Victorian 14kt Gold Pocket Watch Retailed by Bailey, Banks & Biddle

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This wonderful pocket watch from the late Victorian (ca1904) era is a signed piece by maker Waltham and retailed by Bailey, Banks & Biddle! Made of 14kt yellow gold, the watch has a white face with black letters and ornate gold filigree hands. The face of the watch reads "THE BAILEY, BANKS & BIDDLE CO., PHILADELPHIA." At the top of the watch is the winder with a large handle perfect for attaching to a gold chain. The glass face flips open on the front, along with two gold lids on the back to expose an engraved compartment and the watch movement below. The engraved inscription reads "J.M.R. FROM HFR." "MARCH 18th 1904." The working movement on the inside of the watch is also stamped with additional hallmarks, including: "A.W.W. Co." "Waltham, Mass. Riverside" "19 Jewels" "Safety Barrel" and "10514871." On the back of the watch is a set of monogrammed initials engraved in gold. The watch, which is rather substantial in size, is still fully functional and comes in the original blue Bailey, Banks & Biddle box. A magnificent piece by an excellent maker, this wonderful pocket watch is a must for any collector!

Measurements: The pocket watch hangs approximately 2.5" long, has a 1 7/8" diameter, and is 1/2" thick. The overall pennyweight of the pocket watch (including the movement inside) is 46.6 dwt.

Condition: The overall condition of the watch is excellent. There is some minor surface wear to the gold and glass face, which is normal for a late Victorian piece and not noticeable when worn. Watches of this era should be cleaned and oiled periodically, but at this time, the watch is in fine working order and keeping good time.

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