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Early Victorian Embroidered Sacred & Immaculate Hearts of Jesus & Mary Necklace

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An incredible and highly unusual necklace from the Early Victorian (ca1820) era! This unique piece consists of a large religious relic pendant which hangs from a gold filled chain. The design of the pendant is made of fine silk and gold thread which has been hand embroidered to portray the image of the Sacred and Immaculate Heart of Jesus and Mary. The red and white hearts are raised, giving the design a 3-dimensional appearance and each is fashioned with the traditional adornments which are found on a Sacred and Immaculate Heart including burning flames rising from both, a row of intertwined thorns on the Sacred Heart and a pierced sword and band of flowers across the front of the Immaculate Heart. Together, the hearts are framed by an intertwined border of gold thorns which carries around the entire pendant and a gold cross surmounts the two burning hearts. The pendant has a plastic face and a thin brass frame and the original gold painted thick paper backing is still intact. The pendant hangs from a chain which is not original to the piece but compliments it perfectly. Made of textured gold filled links, the chain is particularly long in length and fastens at a watch swivel clasp. At the center is an open wing and Fleur-de-lys link which attaches to the bail of the pendant. The chain can easily be slipped on and off overhead comfortably, however, the clasp allows you to easily double the chain if desired. This unique and incredible piece would make a wonderful addition to any antique collection!

Measurements: The pendant hangs just under 3" long (including the ring bail at the top), measures 2" wide, and 1/2" thick. The chain measures approximately 33.5" long.

Condition: Considering its delicate nature and age, the overall condition of the piece is excellent. Besides normal surface wear, there is no serious damage to the brass frame and the embroidered design, thick paper backing and plastic face remains in excellent condition. The gold filled chain and open wing link are in excellent condition, and the watch swivel clasp fastens securely.

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