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Late Victorian French 18kt Diamond Horseshoe Nail Pin

SKU: 37559

A wonderful nail and horseshoe pin from the Late Victorian (ca1900) era! This unusual 18kt design is of French origin and has an equestrian inspired design. The square head nail is a motif that has been used in jewelry since the Victorian era and replicated in modern designs. It has origins in the equestrian world, being modeled after the nails used to hold a horse's shoe in place. Resting atop the three-dimensional nail is a gold horseshoe, which is decorated with four sparkling old Rose Cut diamonds to represent nails. The horseshoe is attached at an angle, creating a stylish visual effect. On the back of the piece is a secure pin clasp and c-catch, which are stamped with three small French hallmarks. A classic Victorian piece that translates perfectly into a modern day fashion, it would make a perfect accessory for the equestrian enthusiast!

Measurements: The pin measures 1 3/8" long, is 3/4" at the widest point, and 1/4" at the thickest point.

Condition: The overall condition of the pin is excellent. Besides normal surface wear, there is no apparent damage to the gold setting, and all four of the Rose Cut diamonds are all intact. The clasp is secure and in good working condition.

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