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Victorian 14kt Greyhound Dog Fob with Carnelian Seal

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A fob is an adornment or a seal that hangs from the ribbon or chain of a pocket watch. Its purpose is to decorate or add weight to the watch chain itself making it easier for the watch to be withdrawn from a pocket. The base of the fob would often have been used to seal the wax of a letter or note. The opposite of a cameo, an intaglio is created by carving below the surface to produce and image in relief with the purpose of pressing into sealing wax, often used in signet rings.

A lovely figural fob from the Victorian era (ca1880) with a charming greyhound dog motif! Made of 14kt gold, the fob has a wonderful 3-dimensional design. The dog sits on its hind legs, with its tail tucked under and its front paw raised. Lightly engraved detail represents the dog's textured fur. At the base of the fob is a carnelian seal, which has a wonderful deep orange color, and is engraved with a set of intaglio initials. A gold ring is attached to the side of the dog's collar, perfect for hanging the piece from a chain. Figural fobs are very desirable, and this one is particularly wonderful due to its detailed craftsmanship. It would make a perfect piece for any dog lover or fob collector!

Measurements: The fob stands 1" tall, and the carnelian seal at the base measures 5/8" in diameter.

Condition: The overall condition of the fob is excellent. Besides normal surface wear, there is no apparent damage to the gold setting or to the carnelian seal, which is intact and free of chips or scratches. The jump ring at the side of the piece is securely attached.

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