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Victorian 15kt Open Window Locket + Sterling Anchor Pendant

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A wonderful open front locket from the late Victorian (ca1900) era! Crafted in 15kt yellow gold, this lovely piece features a round gold encasement, with a hinged, glass-covered window face. The gold body is beautifully ornate, displaying a fine repousse border, which can be found on the front and back, and carries onto the hinged bail at the top. The back of the locket features an engine turned surface which beautifully compliments the feminine repousse border and the crystal clear face acts as a window, allowing a lovely miniature anchor charm to be showcased. The smoothly polished anchor, which is crafted in sterling silver, features an open circle handle, an extended shank and pointed flukes, and moves freely within the locket. The glass face is encircled by a gold frame which attaches to a simple hinged mechanism at the base, allowing it to easily open so one could remove or add to the interior design to customize the piece, if desired. An endearing Victorian piece that blends seamlessly into modern day fashion, it would make a perfect everyday accessory! 

Measurements: The locket pendant hangs approximately 1 1/2 long, measures a little more than 1" in diameter, and is about 1/4" thick. The interior locket space measures a little less than 7/8" in diameter. 

Condition: The overall condition of the locket is excellent. Besides normal surface wear, there is no serious damage to gold setting or sterling silver charm. There is a small chip in the glass face and a small indentation on the back, however, due to their location, neither are noticeable when worn. The hinged mechanism and bail are secure and in good working order. 
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Victorian 15kt Open Window Locket + Sterling Anchor Pendant
Victorian 15kt Open Window Locket + Sterling Anchor Pendant Sale price$695

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