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Victorian Mixed Metals "MIZPAH" Hearts & Padlock Pin


The word "MIZPAH" (sometimes written as "Mizpeh") is the Hebrew word for "watchtower," and a name from the Bible. Although it generally refers to a place near Gilead, it first appears in the book of Genesis, where it references a stone monument built by Jacob and Laban as a covenant of peace. The pillar of stones represented a bond between Jacob and Laban, leading the word "Mizpah" to hold a similar meaning. In Laban's words, "The Lord watch between you and me, when we are absent one from the other." The word "Mizpah" has henceforth become recognized as a symbolic bond between two people, even when in absence of one another.

A beautiful and meaningful "MIZPAH" pin from the Victorian (ca1880) era! The pin is crafted in sterling silver with mixed metals accents, and has a wonderful double hearts design. The word "MIZPAH" appears on the front of the left heart, each rose gold block letter traveling diagonally across the piece. Engraved on the surface is the biblical inscription "THE LORD WATCH BETWEEN ME & THEE WHEN WE ARE ABSENT ONE FROM ANOTHER." The heart on the right side is adorned with beautiful ivy leaves in rose and green gold accents. The ivy travels across to the opposite side of the piece, joining the two hearts together at the base. A heart-shaped padlock that rests between the two hearts, raised above the surface. Completing the design are delicate beadwork balls that travel around the edges of the piece. A secure bar pin and "c-catch" clasp is attached to the back. Small English hallmarks (an anchor, a lion, and the letter "i") and the maker's initials "S.BROS" can be found stamped on the back. A wonderful antique accessory with special significance, it would look perfect worn everyday!

Measurements: The pin measures 1 1/2" wide, 1" tall, and 1/8" thick.

Condition: The overall condition of the piece is excellent. Besides normal surface wear, there is no apparent damage to the sterling setting or pin clasp, which fastens securely. There is light fading to the edges of some of the mixed metals accents, which is minor and not noticeable when worn. There is a light natural patina on the surface of the gold, which is normal for antique jewelry.

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