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Vintage Chinese 14kt Multi Gemstone Scenic Overlay Pendant

SKU: 37774

A wonderful vintage scenic pendant from the 1930s! This fabulous piece is very substantial in size and has a decorative design that reflects its Chinese origin. A large round disc of tiger's eye stone is held within a rosy 14kt gold setting, forming the base of the pendant. The tiger's eye plaque is smoothly polished, emitting iridescent flashes of golden caramel and dark brown colors. On the surface of the piece is an intricate gold overlay that creates an intricate scenic design. Two small houses and a Chinese temple are visible in the distance, while trees and branches overlap in the foreground. Two birds are perched at the top, and a koi fish swims in a pond at the bottom. A king fisher bird stands beside the pond, framed by two blooming flowers on either side. Hand etched detail adds depth and texture to the gold overlay, and decorates the gold filigree border that holds the tiger's eye disc in place. Set within the face of the pendant are a variety of colorful natural gemstones, including two jade cabochons, two turquoise cabochons, a carved carnelian Buddha inside the temple, and 11 luscious rubies dotting the piece throughout. On the back of the pendant are yellow gold Chinese characters in the center of the tiger's eye, and a split gold bail rests at the top, stamped "14K" and "585." A wonderful statement pendant, it has a very striking appearance and it would look perfect worn on a long gold chain!

Measurements: The pendant hangs 2 3/4" long (including the bail for hanging). It has a 2 3/8" diameter and measures 1/4" thick. The overall weight of the piece is 34.6 grams.

Condition: The overall condition of the pendant is very good. There is a slight bend to the gold border on one side near the top, however it is not noticeable when worn and does not detract from the design. There is no damage to the gold overlay, and no chips or scratches to the tiger's eye stone. All of the gemstones are intact, and the bail is secure at the top.

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