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Georgian Mirrored Glass Earrings

SKU: 40667


Exquisite mirrored glass earrings from the Georgian (ca1800’s) period. These unusual and fantastic earrings are a great representation of how beautiful Vauxhall glass can be. Each of these extremely long earrings is crafted in gilded brass and encrusted with 55 sparkling mirrored glass stones. The earrings have four moveable links that connect at hidden hinges and each stone is bezel set. The majority of the glass is clear and mirrored with pink and yellowish green accent stone sections set within the design. The clear glass has a flat face while the colored stones are faceted and all have an open back, giving the design a beautiful and unique sparkle when in motion. The earrings hang from sterling silver wires, which have been converted from their original wires or posts. They are simply marvelous earrings and would be perfect for a special occasion and are a must-have for a collector!

Measurements: Each earring hangs a little longer than 3" long, are 1/2" at the widest point and has a depth of a little more than 1/4".

Condition: The overall condition of the earrings is excellent. Besides normal surface wear, there is no apparent damage to the gilded brass setting and all of the glass is secure. There is some minor wear to some of the glass pieces, however, nothing that is unusual for earrings of this age, nor anything which is noticeable when the earrings are worn. The earring wires are secure and in good working condition.

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