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Art Deco Sterling Scottish Agate + Citrine Dagger Kilt Pin

SKU: 8160A


A stunning Scottish agate kilt pin from the late Art Deco (ca1926) era! This gorgeous piece is crafted in sterling silver and portrays the shape of an elongated dagger, also known as a dirk. The pin has a 3-dimensional design, and adorns two pieces of gorgeous Scottish agate. The polished stones are inlaid within the decorative setting, and exhibit shades of earthy green and brown, burnt sienna, and pops of bright orange. Beautifully etched silver details the capped tip, accents the center, and surrounds the faceted citrine cabochon at the top. Resting on the back is the pin and original c-catch clasp, along with several English hallmarks. The stamped marks include an anchor and lion (indicating it was assayed in Birmingham), the date letter "B" (dating the piece to 1926), beside "JC&S" (the J. Cook and Sons makers mark). A unique and beautiful piece for a man or a woman, this pin would make a wonderful addition to any collection!

Measurement: The pin measures approximately 2 3/8" long, and is about 1/4" wide and thick. 

Condition: The overall condition of this pin is excellent. Besides normal surface wear, there is no apparent damage to the sterling silver setting. The agate stones and citrine are intact and secure. The pin clasp is secure and in good working condition. There is a slight chip on the edge of the larger agate stone, however due to its location, it is not noticeable when worn. 

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