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Art Nouveau 18kt/Sterling Opal, Diamond + Demantoid Garnet Bracelet

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A stunning bracelet from the Art Nouveau (ca1910s) era! Crafted in vibrant 18kt yellow gold, this bracelet displays a graduated pattern of fiery white opals, glittering diamonds, and gorgeous green demantoid garnets. The oval-shaped white opal cabochons are raised by beautiful yellow gold pronged settings, emitting an incredible rainbow. The bezel-set demantoid garnets, the rarest variation of all garnets, complement the rainbow flashes perfectly alongside the Single Cut diamonds that glitter in their trefoil designs comprised of sterling-topped collet settings. The bracelet secures with a discrete push clasp hidden within one of the smaller opal links. The piece is accompanied by a fitted box from the 1950s, please note that it is not original to the piece. A feminine one-of-a-kind piece, this bracelet would be a fantastic addition to an Art Nouveau collection!

Measurements: The bracelet measures approximately 6.75" in length. The opals range from less than 3/16" by 1/4" at their smallest to 9/32" by 13/32" at the largest.

Condition: The bracelet is in excellent condition. Besides normal surface wear, there is no apparent damage to the gold and sterling-topped setting. All of the opals, diamonds, and demantoid garnets are intact and securely set. The push clasp is secure.

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