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DIAMONBAR "Lady Gloria" Art Deco Sterling + Black Paste Crystal Buckle Motif Bangle Bracelet Pair

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Diamonbar is a popular Art Deco-era costume jewelry line that was made out of Providence, Rhode Island from the early 1900s until just after the crash of 1929 by the Wachenheimer Brothers. Made popular for their elegant appearance,  Diamonbar used elegant calibre-cut semi precious stones and glass set in sterling to emulate popular fine jewelry styles of the time. In production up until the Great Depression, these pieces are signature to the era and represent the epitome of American Industrialization at the mid 20th century. The "Lady Gloria" Hinged Bangle is one of their last designs, appearing in advertisements for publications like Harpers Bazaar and Vogue at the tail-end of the 1920s. 

A glamorous pair of costume bangle bracelets from the Art Deco (ca1920s) era by famed costume jewelers DIAMONBAR! Both bracelets are crafted in sterling silver, and square calibre cut paste crystals display a mystical black color and rest within a channel setting all the way around the bracelets to form the signature "Lady Gloria" Hinged Bangle. One of the bracelets feature traditional square cut paste, and the other displays French cut paste stones, also square in shape and they compliment each other beautifully. A clear crystal embellished buckle head and two loops create a delightful belted motif, and a feminine floral engraving adorns each side of the bangles. The clasps are stamped "DIAMONBAR". Engraved push clasps and hinges secure the bracelets to the wearer's wrist. Stylish on its own or paired with complementary bracelets, this piece is a wonderful addition to any collection!

Measurements: The bracelet has an approximate inner circumference of 7" and is 9mm wide. 

Condition: The pair of bracelets are in good antique condition. The clasps function well and are secure. All of the paste stones are intact, however, the French cut bracelet shows wear to the silver setting and stones at the back of the bracelet where the wrist would rest on a surface. One of the stones appears to be broken, but this cannot be seen when worn. 

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