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HORACE WELCH Art Deco 14kt White Gold + Floating Opal Lariat Necklace

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Originally a mechanical engineer, Horace Welch was the original inventor of the "Floating Opal." This delightful jewelry creation consists of delicate opal chips that float freely within a glass bulb, and they reached widespread appeal and popularity. Welch first conceived of the idea in 1920, and spent the remainder of his career patenting and perfecting the design, until his death in 1947. After his passing, the adoration of his Floating Opal design lived on, and multiple companies began producing their own versions once his patent expired. However, the original Horace Welch designs always have a special place among collectors, and remain a tribute to Welch's ingenuity and lifelong work.

A gorgeous floating opal lariat necklace by Horace Welch, likely from 1922-1928! Crafted in 14kt white gold, this lariat pendant necklace displays two of Horace Welch's patented "floating opal" designs. The crushed white opals emit an incredible rainbow within their glass housing and are topped with an ornate cap, one hand-marked "14K". Welch's pieces, from 1928 on, have a date patent pending stamp, which suggests this piece was crafted in 1922-1928. The floating opals are suspended at two different lengths by a delicate white gold chain from an Art Deco wirework plaque. The necklace is secured by a small spring ring marked "14K".  An artist design from an incredible artist, this opal pendant necklace would make a fantastic addition to any collection!

Measurements: The necklace measures approximately 17" in length and has 1 13/16" and 2 1/8" drops. The opals measure 3/14" tall including the caps and are slightly more than 3/8" in diameter.

Condition: The necklace is in excellent condition. Besides normal surface wear, there is no apparent damage to the white gold setting. The floating opals are intact and securely set. The spring ring is in good working condition.

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