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Late Victorian 14kt Reverse Carved Crystal Football Stick Pin

SKU: 33214


Reverse carved crystal was a technique created by cutting pieces of rock quartz crystal into a convex form and then polishing it into a cabochon shape.  An image is carved into the flat side of the crystal and then hand painted.  From the front, the picture appears to be almost three-dimensional. Many different images were used in reverse carved crystal jewelry and artwork but animals were some of the most common used.

A fantastic and unusual gold stickpin from the late Victorian (ca1900) era! This beautiful piece is oval in shape and made of 14kt yellow gold. The pin features a hand painted football player within a reverse carved crystal on a mother of pearl background. Highly detailed, the football player is in a burnt orange jersey with matching socks, brown shorts, black shoes, and is carrying a football! The crystal is bezel set in a 14kt yellow gold mounting, which is stamped “14Y” on its underside. This stunning pin would look beautiful worn on a blouse or blazer, either alone or paired with other pins!

Measurements: The stickpin measures a little more than 2 5/8" in total length; the rock quartz crystal top measures a little more than 1/2" long, 3/8" wide and 1/8" thick.

Condition: The overall condition of the stickpin is excellent. Besides normal wear, there is no serious damage to the rock quartz crystal or to the gold setting. 

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