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Late Victorian 15kt Mother of Pearl Button Cufflinks

SKU: 36695

A charming pair of button cufflinks from the Late Victorian (ca1900) era! Made of 15kt yellow gold (indicating English origin), each double sided cufflink depicts two decorative buttons, which have a realistic 3-dimensional design. Each button has a beautiful mother of pearl surface and textured gold border. In the center of each button are four button holes, with two strands of woven gold thread overlapping in the middle to form a criss-crossed "X" design. An elongated rose gold clasp connects the cufflinks together, and the back of each button is stamped "15". A classic and very attractive pair of cufflinks, they would look fabulous worn by a man or woman!

Measurements: Each button face has a diameter of slightly more than 1/2" and is 3/16” thick. When fully extended, the space between each cufflink measures 1 1/4" long.

Condition: The overall condition of the cufflinks is excellent. Besides normal surface wear, there is no apparent damage to the gold setting or mother of pearl, and the clasp connecting each link in the back is secure.
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