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Late Victorian Austro-Hungarian Silver Enameled "MIT GOTT" Bangle Bracelet

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A beautiful and unusual bracelet from the Victorian (ca1872-1922) era! Crafted in .750 silver, this Austro-Hungarian bangle features gorgeous vibrant blue and black enameling along with a sentimental message across the front surface. The bangle graduates slightly in size at the center where vivid blue enamel surrounds a silver plaque featuring the phrase "MIT GOTT," which translates in German to "With God," written in rich black enamel. Elegant etching surrounding the phrase and beautiful silver flourishes and vines encircle the blue enamel, trailing onto the black enamel that finishes the front side of the bracelet. Additional etching graces both sides of the bangle and surrounds the hinge and hidden push clasp, which opens to reveal the tongue stamped with an Austro-Hungarian lion head hallmark, the number "4" and the city letter "A" indicating the silvery purity and that it was assayed in the city of Vienna between 1867-1922. A very special Victorian piece, it merges perfectly into modern day fashion and would look fabulous worn alone or stacked with other bangles!

Measurements: The inside of the bracelet (where a wrist would rest) measures approximately 2 1/4" wide and about 1 3/4" tall. It would fit nicely on a small to medium sized wrist. The surface measures approximately 5/8" wide at the front and about 1/4" wide at the back.

Condition: The bracelet is in very good overall antique condition. Besides normal surface wear, there is no serious damage to the silver setting. The enamel surface has some light surface wear, but is free of any noticeable chips or scratches. A small portion of the enamel appears to have been restored on the front right side, maintaining the seamless black design. The clasp fastens securely and is in good working condition.

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