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Late Victorian Sterling + French Paste Dramatic Dangle Earrings

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French paste is a vintage jewelry term used to describe the practice of using faceted cut glass, cut in the shape of a real gemstone, instead of using gems. This process, which was developed in the 1700s, created the look of a sparkling gemstone or diamond but cost much less than real stones.

A gorgeous pair of dramatic French paste earrings from the Late Victorian (ca1900) era! Crafted in sterling silver, these beautiful earrings are encrusted in various sized French paste crystals that beautifully reflect the light with every turn, wonderfully mimicking the look of real diamonds. The earrings are particularly long and feature a front facing hoop at the base, which is accented by a graduated paste lined link that swings freely at the center. The hoop dangles from a feminine bow shaped surmount, and finishing the design is an oval-shaped topper that features a simple post and earring back on the reverse side. When worn, all of the the stones are bright and lively, delivering a spectacular sparkle and creating a wonderful dramatic effect. Feminine and bold, these beautiful Victorian earrings would look gorgeous worn day or night.

Measurements: Each earring hangs approximately 2 1/8" long, measure slightly more than 3/4" wide, and is about 1/8" thick. 

Condition: The overall condition of the earrings is excellent. Besides normal surface wear, there is no apparent damage to the sterling silver setting. All of the crystals are intact and securely set. The post and earring back are secure and in good working condition.  
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