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ORLIK Edwardian 14kt Yellow Gold + Celluloid Cigarette Holder

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From the beginning of the Edwardian period up through the early 70s, decorative cigarette holders were a considered an essential fashion accessory for women. The styles varied in style and construction, but usually included an elongated design that included a mouthpiece on one side and an opening on the other to hold a cigarette inside. Designs often incorporated elements such as precious materials, enamels, and gemstones for ornamentation and flair.

A lovely Edwardian (ca1910) era signed cigarette holder by the London based pipe and cigarette manufacturing business started by Louis Orlik. This unique holder features a slender mouthpiece carved from black celluloid, a material commonly used in cigarette holders at the turn of the century. The holder is crafted in solid 14kt yellow gold and features a smoothly polished finish and slender, elegant design. Stamped on the rim of the holder is a "14KT." gold purity mark along with the "ORLIK" maker's mark. A perfect item for the collector, this well-preserved piece makes a  wonderful objet d'art and novelty item!

Measurements: The entire cigarette holder measures approximately 4 1/4" long. The holder opening has an outer diameter of 1/2" and an an interior diameter of slightly more than 1/4". The mouthpiece measures slightly less than 1/4" wide at the tip. 

Condition: The overall condition of the piece is excellent. Besides normal surface wear, there is no apparent damage to the celluloid mouthpiece, or yellow gold setting. 

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