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Victorian 14kt Carved Signet Bloodstone + Banded Agate Flip Ring

SKU: 41149


An absolutely fabulous agate signet flip ring from the Victorian (ca1880) era! Crafted in 14kt yellow gold, this striking and very unusual piece is comprised of two individual faces which "flip" creating a ring that allows you to wear two different designs. On one side is a smoothly polished banded agate plaque which has rich black color and bright white banding through the center; on the other side is a hand carved bloodstone Clan MacMillan family crest. The fantastic signet displays an open mouthed wolf at the center of a circular frame portrayed by a belt which buckles at the bottom. Lining the surface of the belt is a phrase written in Latin which reads "MISERIS SUCCURREAE DISCO" and translates into "I learn to care for the unfortunate." Both sides are round in shape and bezel set within a gold frame which is hinged at the sides, allowing you to easily move and secure it within the beautiful graduating wide band setting. The sides and shoulders of the ring display a lovely etched design which compliments the centerpiece beautifully. The rich black agate and the carved bloodstone make a wonderful combination and this unusual design is absolutely striking. The unique design gives the ring a bold, stylish look and the piece would compliment any ensemble!

Measurements: The ring has a finger size of 5.75 but could be resized. The banded agate and bloodstone plaques both measure approximately 5/8" in diameter, and the ring rests a little less than 1/2" above the finger when worn.

Condition: The overall condition of the ring is excellent. Besides normal surface wear, there is no apparent damage to the gold setting, and the bloodstone and banded agate are intact. The hinged mechanism moves easily and stays secure when worn.

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