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Victorian 14kt Inlaid Gold-in-Quartz + Agate Horseshoe Earrings


Gold-in-quartz was formed while the earth was still in its molten state. During the cooling and solidification process, veins of gold became trapped with the crystals of quartz in the mine. This created a very dramatic contrast between the white quartz and the yellow of the gold. Jewelry made from gold quartz became quite a fashion statement of the 1880's. During the Gold Rush era in the American West, most of the gold quartz was mined in California around the San Francisco area.

A pair of unusual and gorgeous gold-in-quartz earrings from the Victorian (ca1880) era! Each of these 14kt yellow gold earrings features an equestrian horseshoe, which adorns rich pieces of inlaid gold quartz and agate stones across the front surface. The face of the horseshoe is divided into 3 plaques of stone, each separated by thin veins of gold. The gold quartz is especially beautiful, exhibiting a range of colors including milky white, grey, beige, and marbled with flecks of vibrant gold. The smallest plaque at the top is of rich, dark inlaid agate, providing a wonderful color contrast to the golden design. Surrounding the stones is a lovely etched border featuring 7 (for good luck!) "nail" motifs against a soft textured background. Each horseshoe hangs from a delicate interlocking chain that meets in the middle at a smoothly polished half-sphere topper. The earrings dangle from a simple wire at the top, allowing them to swing with lovely movement and frame the face beautifully. These unique and gorgeous earrings are a wonderful Victorian era piece, and would make a stunning addition to any collection! 

Measurements: Each earring hangs a little more than 2" long, slightly less than 7/8" wide, and is about 1/8" thick.

Condition: The overall condition of the earrings is excellent. Besides normal surface wear, there is no apparent damage to the gold setting and all of the quartz and agate stones are intact. The earring wires are secure and in good working condition.

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