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Victorian 15kt + Onyx Dramatic Dangle Earrings

SKU: 45093


An incredible pair of earrings from the Victorian (ca1880s) era! Crafted in 15kt yellow gold, these earrings begin with a simple earring wire through a polished black onyx bead. A concave onyx disc, held by a golden frame, hangs below with a smaller bead dangling in its center. Three black onyx cylinders swing freely, riveted to gold supports with a simple band and bead detail. These earrings frame the face beautifully, reflecting the light. The rich black onyx looks dramatic and luxurious when worn, and these would be a spectacular addition to any Victorian collection!

Measurements: The earrings hang approximately 3" in length, including the earring wire. The discs measure about 13/16" in diameter.

Condition: The earrings are in excellent condition. Besides normal surface wear, there is no apparent damage to the gold setting. The onyx is all in excellent condition, free of notable chips and scratches. The earring wires are secure.

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