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Victorian 800 Silver Gilt + Tortoise Shell Lorgnette Glasses Pendant

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A fabulous lorgnette from the Victorian (ca1880) period! Made of 800 silver gilt and tortoise shell, the piece consists of a pair of folding reading glasses encased in a simple, yet stylish lorgnette case. The surface of the encasement has a matte, rich marbled brown and caramel color, and an embedded rose gold signet which is blank and ready to be engraved with your monogram. The edges of the case feature a silver gilt border which is engraved with scrolling detail. The eye glasses fold in half, and are hidden within the tortoise cover. They easily swing out with a simple push of a button located on the side of the handle. At the end of the piece is a long ovular silver ring, which is perfect for hanging the pendant from a chain. The bail of this lorgnette is stamped with the boar's head hallmark, signaling that this is a French made piece. This special piece from the Victorian period would make a wonderful addition to any collection!

Measurements: When closed, the case hangs 3 1/4" long and measures approximately 3/4" at the widest point. When opened, the bridge between the lenses measures 1 3/8" wide and the length of the eye glasses from end to end is 3 1/2". 

Condition: The overall condition of the lorgnette is excellent. There is some minimal surface wear along the handle, however, this is hardly noticeable. There is no damage to the eye glasses, which fold and move easily, and stay secure once placed in the encasement. The spring button mechanism is in excellent working condition.

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