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Art Deco 14kt Rock Crystal Sapphire & Diamond Bracelet

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An incredibly beautiful bracelet from the Art Deco (ca1920) era! This feminine piece is crafted in 14kt white gold, and features a lovely filigree design. Four of the links frame a rock quartz crystal plaque at the center. The rock quartz links are hand carved on the back, which shows through to the front as a subtle starburst motif. Sparkling diamonds and French cut sapphires decorate the center. Each gemstone rests in a box setting that has been riveted through the middle. Alternating with the rock crystal plaques are lovely filigree links and connectors, which are beautifully detailed with an engine-turned pattern on the surface. The bracelet wraps comfortably around the wrist, fastening with a complementary clasp at the end. A beautiful Art Deco piece, it would look wonderful worn everyday or on special occasions! 

Measurement: The bracelet measures approximately 7 1/2" long, and would fit nicely on a medium to large sized wrist. The rock quartz crystal links measure 3/4" long and 3/8" wide. The square-shaped filigree links measure 3/8" across.  

Condition: The overall condition of the bracelet is excellent. Besides normal surface wear, there is no apparent damage to the white gold setting, or to the filigree links and connectors. The carved rock quartz crystal plaques are intact and free of chips or scratches. The accent diamonds and sapphires are securely set, and the clasp is in good working condition.

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