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Early Victorian English 18kt Enamel & Woven Hair Mourning Ring

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This rare English mourning ring from the Victorian era (ca1852) is quite an unusual piece! Crafted in 18kt gold, the ring is richly detailed, and serves as a fine example of the mourning jewelry tradition. At the center of the ring is a glass covered window, which exposes a band of finely woven hair below, the keepsake of a lost loved one. Surrounding the glass window is a scalloped black enameled border, completing the centerpiece. Black enamel also covers the band, with gold block letters that read “IN MEMORY OF”. The combination of the vibrant yellow gold paired with the rich black enameled details creates quite a striking look! Engraved underneath the centerpiece is the name "Mary Alan" in cursive font- most likely indicating the person who the ring commemorates. Several English hallmarks are also stamped inside the band, including the initials "IS," a crown symbol, "18," an anchor (indicating the piece was made in Birmingham), and the date letter "D" (dating the piece to 1852).  An exceptional antique mourning ring, it is rich in history and would be perfect for the serious Victorian collector!

Measurements: The ring has a large finger size of 8.25. Due to the unique design of the band, the ring can not be resized. The centerpiece measures approximately 1/2" wide and tall. The band measures 4mm wide at the back.

Condition: The ring is in excellent antique condition. Besides normal surface wear, there is no apparent damage to the gold setting or black enameled details. The glass window remains intact, and the woven band of hair remains below is well-preserved.
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