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Edwardian French 18kt Carnelian, Enamel + Gemstone Native American Chief Pendant

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A rare and stunning Native American pendant from the Edwardian (ca1910) era! This vibrant 18kt yellow gold and carnelian piece is French in origin, and displays a bold and colorful design. The pendant features an intricately carved carnelian stone in the shape of a Native American chief's head, which is held by an elaborate enameled topper. The hand-carved stone features incredible details, including a stoic facial expression, long flowing hair, and realistic facial features, and displays a rich, deep orange color with a light, translucent quality. Resting on his head is a multi-colored feathered headdress, featuring a scalloped edge that graduates down the middle of his head and meets at the back. The "feathers" are embellished with a gorgeous pattern of red, white, green, blue, and yellow enamel, and a vibrant gold outline decorates the base. Five stones rest at the base of his neck in a bezel-setting, including two Persian turquoise stones, a diamond, a seed pearl, and a ruby, adding a wonderful finishing touch! A simple round bail is attached to the top of the pendant, perfect for adding to a favorite chain, and a French touchmark of an eagle head is found on a gold plaque underneath the base. An unusual and artistic piece, this pendant would make a fabulous addition to any collection! 

Measurements: The pendant hangs approximately 1 1/2" long (including the bail at the top), measures about 5/8" wide and is 7/8 thick. 

Condition: The overall condition of the pendant is excellent. Besides normal surface wear, there is no apparent damage to the gold setting. The carnelian, diamond, pearl, ruby, and turquoise stones are all intact and securely set. The bail is secure and in good working order. The enamel work has been recently restored, in order to preserve the integrity of the original design.

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