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Retro Heavy Carved Bakelite Wide Bangle Bracelet

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Bakelite is a resin material that was produced in the early 1900's and was the first plastic substance made of synthetic components. Initially used for its electrically non-conductive and heat resistant properties in radio and telephone castings, the material was also used in other products such as kids' toys, kitchenware and jewelry. Typically made of bright, beautiful colors, Bakelite has become very collectible over recent years and is appreciated amongst many.

A fabulous Bakelite bracelet from the Retro (ca1940) era! This piece, which is made of apricot orange Bakelite, is particularly wide and has a fabulous hand carved surface. The leafy design carries around the entire surface of the bracelet and 4 rows of pierced holes accent the leaves. The bracelet is heavily carved and the leaves have a textured and 3-dimensional look. It's a fantastic bracelet and would make a gorgeous addition to any Bakelite collection!

Measurements: The wrist opening of the bracelet measures approximately 2 1/2" in diameter and the surface measures 1 1/2" wide.

Condition: The overall condition of the bracelet is excellent. Besides normal surface wear, there is no apparent damage to the Bakelite.

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