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Victorian English Sterling & Bloodstone Horse Fob/Pendant

SKU: 39474

An unusual equestrian fob/pendant from the Victorian (ca1890) era! Made of sterling silver, the piece has a 3-dimensional design with a detailed horse motif. The horse's head includes pointed ears, a textured mane, and expressive facial features shown in raised repousse detail, complete with horse bit, reins, and bridle straps. At the base of the neck is a smooth, flat seal carved from bloodstone. The stone has a deep forest green color flecked with orange, adding an earthy accent color to the stylish piece. A simple jump ring is attached between the ears, making it easy to hang and wear the piece from a chain. A fabulous Victorian piece, it is perfect for the equestrian enthusiast's collection!

Measurements: The horse head measures 1 1/8" long from neck to nose, is 5/8" tall, and 3/8" thick from eye-to-eye. It hangs 7/8" long, including the jump ring at the top.

Condition: The overall condition of the piece is excellent. Besides normal surface wear, there is no apparent damage to the sterling setting or ring for hanging. The bloodstone seal remains intact and free of chips or scratches. There is a natural patina on the surface of the sterling setting, which is normal for antique jewelry and adds further depth to the 3-dimensional design.
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