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Victorian Sterling Enameled Etruscan Urn Earring + Pendant Set

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An absolutely incredible earring and pendant ensemble from the Victorian (ca1880s) era! This matching set is crafted in sterling silver and boasts a detailed urn design. Each 3-dimensional urn is covered in fine applied yellow gold Etruscan wirework and beadwork, creating lovely texture, while colorful enameled accents provide further decoration, bringing each urn to life with vibrant shades of teal, green, and red. The urns are quite substantial in size, and carry the shape of a traditional pitcher, with a curved handle, flared base, wide belly, and angled top. Each urn hangs from a floral topper, also bearing a complimentary enameled motif. The earrings are attached to simple gold wires at the top, while the pendant hangs from a large enameled fluted bail, perfect for hanging from a favorite chain. Accompanying the ensemble is the original custom jewelry box, which is cushioned in deep blue velvet, and stamped "DEFOY & CIE CORAIL 13. R. DE LA CHAUSSEE D'ANTIN" on the inside of the lid. When worn as a set, the result is a magnificent statement ensemble that would delight any antique collector!

Measurements: The pendant hangs approximately 2 7/8" long (including the bail at the top) and measures 3/4" at the widest/thickest point. The earrings hang 1 7/8" long (including the wires) and measure 1/2" at the widest/thickest point.

Condition: The earring/pendant set is in excellent antique condition. Besides normal surface wear, there is no apparent damage to the sterling silver setting or applied gold Etruscan wirework & beadwork details. The gold earring wires and enameled bail are securely attached and in good condition. There is some minor surface wear to the enameled details in a few of places, which is commensurate with age and not unusual for a Victorian piece. However, the minimal wear is not noticeable when the piece is worn, nor does it detract from the beauty of the design. The box shows normal signs of wear that is also commensurate with age, but remains in good antique condition. The box hinge and clasp are still intact and fasten securely.

Victorian Sterling Enameled Etruscan Urn Earring + Pendant Set
Victorian Sterling Enameled Etruscan Urn Earring + Pendant Set Sale price$4,295

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