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Victorian Sterling Enamel Double-Sided + Moveable Jester Puppet Charm

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A delightful puppet charm from the Victorian (ca1880) era! Crafted in sterling sliver, this double-sided and moveable piece depicts a miniature jester puppet. The puppet displays hinged arms and legs with articulated joints, allowing the limbs to extend and retract when moved. Hand-etched details decorate both sides of the puppet's face, puffed sleeves, and capri-like pants. Vibrant colorful enamel graces the jester's hat, clothing, and pointed shoes, showcasing bright orange, green, and rich black hues. The enamel work allows the etched surface to show through, highlighting the incredible craftsmanship that went into this piece. Dangling freely from the base is a delicate interlocking chain that when pulled, allows the puppets' arms and legs to move up and down, a fun and delightful effect! The original silver bail rests at the top, stamped with an "A" maker's mark beside a second hallmark, and hangs from a rose gold colored bail, perfect for hanging from a favorite chain or charm bracelet. A wonderfully detailed piece, it would be perfect for the vintage charm collector!

Measurements: The charm hangs approximately 1 1/8" long, measuring from the bail at the top to the interlocking chain link pull at the base. When the arms are fully extended, the charm measures about 1" wide, and is 1/8" thick. 

Condition: The overall condition of the charm is excellent. Besides normal surface wear, there is no apparent damage to the sterling setting or moveable parts, which are intact in good working order. The ring bails are intact and secure. Given the age of the piece, the enamel work is in remarkable condition, with no noticeable cracks or wear. There is a natural darkened patina on the surface of the setting, which is normal for Victorian jewelry and adds to its unique character.

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