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Art Deco 18kt/Silver Diamond Dangle Earrings

SKU: 44136


A gorgeous pair of earrings from the late Art Deco (ca1930s) era! Crafted in 18kt yellow gold and silver, these handcrafted earrings display a lovely textured and engraved pattern throughout. Each earring begins with a single Rose Cut diamond in a silver bezel with a decorative encircling frame. A shield-shaped link dangles below, displaying an open cross-like and swirled design while five old Rose Cut diamonds adorn the center and four points, adding a subtle sparkling appeal. The links hang from a yellow gold hinged bail and the earrings secure to the ear with a yellow gold ear harp. The earrings dangle with lovely motion and are stamped with Portuguese hallmarks on the reverse of each dangle and on one ear harp. These earrings are a beautiful example of handcrafted art and would be a wonderful addition to any collection.

Measurement: Each earring hangs about 1 1/8" long including the wire top and is 5/8" at its widest point. 

Condition: The overall condition of the earrings is excellent. Besides normal surface wear, there is no serious damage to the 18kt yellow gold and silver setting. The diamonds are all intact and securely set. The earring wires are in good working condition.

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