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Art Deco Platinum, Gold, Citrine & Garnet Surfer Charm

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A delightful platinum and gold charm from the Art Deco (ca1920) era! The charm depicts a surfer woman in action as she balances atop a surfboard and leans forward grasping a handle, as though waterskiing. The woman's body is made of platinum, and the surfboard she is standing on is yellow gold with a platinum handle. The woman is wearing a pair of swim shorts represented by a garnet stone, and on her head is a cap portrayed by a citrine stone. The opposing side of the charm shows the woman entirely in platinum without gemstones. On the woman's back is a platinum loop, allowing  the charm to be hung from a thin chain to wear as a pendant, or on a favorite charm bracelet. A wonderfully detailed piece, it would be perfect for any aquatic sports lover or charm collector!


Measurements: The charm/pendant hangs approximately 5/8" long, is slightly more than 3/8" at its widest point, and has a depth of slightly less than 1/4" at its thickest point.

Condition: The overall condition of the pendant is excellent. Besides normal surface wear, there is no apparent damage to the platinum or gold, and the citrine and garnet stones are both intact.

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